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We started with two people and we are now ten in less than one year. We are small business that is rapidly growing due to our committment to customers in various ways. We sell fresh cow meat, goat meat and the like receive directly from abattoir. Smoked chicken and turkey are also sold. Our contact address is a walkaway from Antwerp centrum. You can alternatively contact us by phone, click on the link and speak to us as the urgency required or clarity of direction. You can as well email us, click on the link and your request shall be treated confidentially.

Customers Protection

On top of our priority is to ensure that our customers get the best of what they pay for. Live animals are well taken care of and ensure they stay very healthy while alive. See pictures here.
Live Animals & Their Names
Cow Turkey Goat Chicken

Sales Point

Aside ensuring health of animals while alive, we also observe hygiene at top level at our sales point. Besides, customers are treated with warm welcome. Move close and have a taste of our services. What you can have from us are not limited to the following. As long as you know those parts of the animals you want, you shall surely get them. The following are readily available to you by just walk in to the sales point.
Fresh Meat from Abattoir
Fresh Meat Beef Meat

Goods & Services

Recently our services have been extended. Our goods are now delivered at the doorsteps of our customers. You can book and pay for our products online. Anywhere in Belgium, within 48 hours of receiving your payments, depending on your location, your product is sure to be delivered.. Our services included but not limited to the following. Our prices are generally cheap. For ceremonial purpose or otherwise, you can order for full goats and cows. The best is to order online on time so that you can be offered the best price. And in the case of booking online for full goats and cows, no delievery cost.


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