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Below are the affordable prices of our products. Bulk purchases are negotiable!

Table of Meat and Their Prices

Meat Types Price Per Kilo (€)
Cow Head 8.00
Cow Meat 4.50
Cow Intestine 1.80
Ponmo 3.50
Shaki 3.50
Tendons 2.50
Full Goat 70.00
Goat Head 5.00
Goat Meat 5.50
Goat Intestine 1.50
Full fresh Chicken 4.00
Smoked Chicken 4.50
Chicken wings 3.00
Full Fresh Turkey 4.50
Full Smoked Turkey 5.00
Turkey Meat 2.50
Turkey Gizzard 2.50

Note: If you are booking online to be delivered at your doorstep, there is an extra cost of €0.75 per kilometer beginning from our address in Antwerpen!


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